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Reading & Writing

Ignite Reading & Writing Skills (Set A & Set B) teaches students useful skills and practical strategies to excel in the HKDSE Paper 1 and Paper 2, and boosts their overall reading and writing ability!

  • Strong linkage between Reading & Writing
    Recycles ideas and vocabulary from the Reading texts in the Writing outcomes
  • Active learning and practice
    Engages students in lessons with hands-on activities
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Exam Practice

New Longman Elect & Activate SS Listening and Integrated Skills 4 & 5 provide students with comprehensive teaching and practice of all the listening and integrated skills they will need to succeed in the HKDSE Paper 3.

Download New Longman Elect & Activate Listening and Integrated Skills leaflet

Incomparable online support
Online resources for Ignite Reading & Writing Skills, Complete Exam Practice and New Longman Elect & Activate SS Listening and Integrated Skills

Repository for support resources

  • Extra exam practice papers
  • Explanation PowerPoints
  • Writing support
  • Speaking support

Student-assignable resources
Teachers can assign resources to their classes, e.g.

  • Model answers
  • Audio recordings for Listening and Speaking papers for Complete Exam Practice

Self-access materials for students

  • HKDSE Past Paper Analysis (for Complete Exam Practice users)
  • All Ignite Reading texts and Writing text type model texts
If you wish to find out more about any series, we would be very pleased to arrange a presentation at your school. Please contact our Sales Representative for your district or Ms Gian Hall on 3181 0429.